Flysight Excel macro

This video shows how to install and use the FlySight Excel macro

(Some changes in the macro might have been done since this video was recorded)



You can download the file here:


Need a FlySight file to test on?

(You MUST save the file on your harddrive first or Excel will try to create folders on my webspace)

Excel 2010 does not give a warning as on the video, it will show a yellow/orange bar glowing in between the cells and the menubuttons.



Read about common issues here


Recent changes:

Landing target added, and showing distance from target.

New more efficient way to calculate groundlevel.

Calculates the swoopdistance at landing.

Give the jump a "name" in Google Earth.

*** I strongly advice AGL setting for altitude if you use Google Earth ***

Read more about these settings here





Older changes:

Look at the video below






Added Updating macro will not delete old settings.

Added GE glideratio limit on canopyflight.

Bugfix: Glideratio shows up in GE charts.

Bugfix: Decimals in GE canopy extended data.



Added Extended data on canopyflight.

Added Decimals-settings to hDistance.

Added Manual dropzone MSL altitude option.

Bugfix: Temporary fix on properties crash in GE.

Bugfix: AGL option will not make you go under ground in GE.

Bugfix: MSL offset is now added in GE extended data.


Added AGL altitude as option.

Added "Recent changes" in the macro.

Bugfix: Sheets without cells do not crash the macro.

Cosmetic fix: Extended data will not be avalible when "Freefall" is disabled in GE settings.


AGL option will get an average number of the altitude the last 10 seconds FlySight recorded.

So to use this option, don't be to quick to turn it off ;-)