Why does the macro not work?


1. You might be using a old version of Excel? Currently the macro is know to work on Excel 2007 and 2010.


2. The macro requires "." (dot) as decimalseperator and "," as thousandsseperator. This can be changed in Excel options -> Advanced


3. Your Excel has the "VBA bug". Read below how to fix that issue.




I can't open the zip-file!


The FlySight Excel macro is NOT a zip-file, it's a xlam-file.

Xlam has been a standard filetype since ~2007, if your internetbrowser can't handle that it's a crappy browser!

But since I know there is crappy browsers out there, download the file in Internet Explorer instead or save it and rename it to Flysight.xlam




What is the "VBA bug", and what do I do?


The "VBA-bug" basicly means that your Excel can't run VBA code. This is due to a "bug" in MS Excel.

You notice the problem by a message appears saying "Compile error in hidden module: ThisWorkbook".

The message might seem like the issue is with the code but it's not.

The problem could be caused by upgrading or downgrading your Excel or other software.


There are a few ways to fix it. The most "correct" way would be to reinstall or repair MS Office.

However there are a few things you can try to "patch" the issue.


You can read about the problem and how to patch it manually here

(This is actually the easiest way to fix it)

Open Excel and press ALT+F11, in the menu Tools -> References to see the window shown on the pictures.

You could try to just uncheck the row(s) saying "MISSING:"


Or you can use the VBAcode that is here to fix the problem. (if you are unlucky, the VBA-bug means you can't even run this code)

I'm not the author of that code and can not guaranty that it's safe, but I have tried the code on my computer and it worked fine.

When I read the code it only does what it's supposed to do.

Also, the user that submitted the code to VBA Express is a well know user, and all code that is submitted to the "Knowledge Base" is tested by a moderator.

I have created a file with the with code from this site that you can run.

You can download it here


BEFORE you run it you MUST change one setting in Excel. If you do not change this the code will end up in a endless loop.

Open Excel Options and click on Trust Center, then Trust Center Settings.

Here you enable the setting Trust access to......

When you have changed this setting you can open the file you downloaded and enable the macro and the code will run automaticly.

The pic below shows how to enable the macro code

When the code has run (takes about one or two seconds), please disable the "Trust access...." setting again.

This setting should NOT be enabled when not needed.



When all this is done the Flysight macro should run or there is other issues with the reference library and I advice a reinstall of MS Office.